Ways to wear Quha Zono

Quha Zono Headband

Headband is a new fashionable way to wear Quha Zono. The flexible design makes it suitable for most users without any adjustments.

Quha Zono Head mount kit – includes Neckband & Light eyeglass clip


• A trendy way to wear Quha Zono

• Putting on and removing Quha Zono is easy, comfortable and fast!

• Weighs only 21 grams

Quha Zono Eyewear kit

Eyewear kit is a new way to wear Quha Zono. It is light and fits comfortably for hours.

Quha Zono Baseball Cap

Quha Zono Baseball Cap is a youthful and comfortable way to wear Quha Zono.

Quha Zono Universal Wear Kit

Universal Wear Kit enables Quha Zono usage by hand or by foot. It includes a Velcro band and a soft holder for Quha Zono.

Quha Zono Light Eyeglass Clip

Light Eyeglass clip is an ultra light clip to attach Quha Zono safely to your own eyeglasses.