Headband is an easy way to wear Quha Zono. It is light and fits comfortably for hours. Headband is adjustable to make it suitable for most users.

Product Description

Headband is an ideal alternative for Head Mount Kit when using Zono while resting the head on a pillow or a headrest.

Quha Zono is easily attached directly to the Headband, making it very light to wear. The Quha Zono mouse can also be charged while attached to the Headband.

Quha Headband Product Image

Technical Specifications


Contents: Headband, adjustable
Available colours: Black
Weight: 26 g
Material: Polyamide PA 2200.
Approved for food contact in compliance with the EU Plastics Directive 2002/72/EC FDA approval acc. to USP Biological test (classification VI/121°C)


Our standard Headband is adjustable from Small (S) to Extra Large (XL). A larger version is available.