Quha Pufo+

A wireless puff switch for Quha Zono gyroscopic mouse – making it even more versatile as a headmouse.

How Does Quha Pufo+ work?

A little puff to mouthpiece will generate a left mouse click and two short puffs a double-click. The dragging can be easily done with a long puff.

Quha Pufo+ can be directly connected to Quha Zono mice – no additional power or configurations are needed. The mouthpiece is easily adjustable to each user and replaceable for hygiene.

There are several ways to wear Quha Pufo+. The sales package includes either an adjustable headband or a Head Mount Kit. The device can also be attached to an Eyewear Kit or to the user’s own eyeglasses.

Pufo switch is on another level than any of the puff switches I have tried. It is easy to carry around, because it does not have any long air tubes or wires. But even more importantly it “clicks” whenever I want to, and will not miss a single puff, thus writing with an on-screen keyboard is fast.


Quha Pufo+ user from Finland

Product Specifications

Quha Pufo+ is an improved version of Quha Pufo puff switch including an adjustable Headband.

Technical Specifications


Pressure range: 1.25…5.0 mbar
Max pressure: 1.7 bar
Mechanical durability: 100 million cycles
Measurements: Length 59 mm, width 36 mm, thickness 23 mm
Wire length: 33 cm
Weight: 32 g (with cable)
Protection class: IP00
Operating Temperature: +10 °C – +35 °C
Storage temperature: +0 °C – +45 °C

What’s in the Box?


The sales package includes:

  • Quha Pufo+ puff switch with integrated attachment loops
  • Wearing accessory: Adjustable Headband for Pufo+ OR Head Mount Kit
  • 10 replacement mouthpieces and an
  • Illustrative user manual