Quha Sento for Zono X

Puff switch for Quha Zono X Bluetooth® head mouse

Quha Zono X Mouse With Quha Sento

The Quha Zono X mouse gives you complete control over devices wirelessly. With the addition of Sento, your clicking and cursor movements are precise and intuitive.

How Do I Use Quha Sento for Zono X?

Using Sento is easy to learn and adapt to your personal puff volume. The switch is activated with a simple puff into the sensor located at the end of the flexible arm. It is an essential addition to your Quha Zono X.

Key Features


Complete Wireless Computer Access

  • Sento together with Quha Zono X provides full computer mouse experience.


100% Hygienic Contactless Puff Switch

  • No internal mouth pieces.
  • Enables one device to be shared between multiple users.


No Control Delay, Unique Sensor Technology

  • Instant puff response


Designed Consumer Electronics Look & Feel

  • Smooth matte finishing

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications


Contents: Quha Sento Contactless Puff Switch with Adjustable Headband for Zono X, including Magnetic holder for Quha Zono X

Weight: 47 g including Headband without Quha Zono X (58 g with Zono X)

Compatibility: Compatible with Quha Zono X  head mouse

Dimensions: Adjustable puff sensor arm length 220 mm.

Conformance: CE, FCC

Material: Polyamide PA 2200. Approved for food contact in compliance with the EU Plastics Directive 2002/72/EC. FDA approval according to US Biological test (classification VI/121°C)