Quha Zono


Quha Zono makes it possible to use a computer in a flexible way, when you cannot use an ordinary mouse. It is an extremely light device, and since it is completely wireless there are endless ways to wear it.


Quha Zono is a gyroscopic mouse designed for anyone who has difficulties in operating a computer mouse with hands. It provides accurate and intuitive computer access with just small head movements.


There is absolutely zero setup time: open the box, plug it in and turn it on. Instant access to your device! Take complete control with wide range of accessories.


It is compatible with all available computers and almost all tablets and smartphones*!

*) Quha Zono is compatible with iPads with the iPadOS operating system and iPhones with the iOS 13 or later operating system. Adapter for Apple iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) available separately for older iOS devices that cannot be updated to iPadOS or iOS 13.

A personal story of Quha Zono user

Maria´s story

A fateful car accident changes the life of a young engineer forever. Watch how she learns to cope with her new situation with the help of the Quha Zono headmouse and reaches independence in her life once more.

Product Specifications

Quha Zono is a wireless handsfree mouse operated with head movements. It detects motion and transforms it into intuitive onscreen cursor movement. Quha Zono is a predecessor of Quha Zono 2.

Technical Specifications


Dimensions Length 59 mm, width 33mm, height 15 mm and weight 23g

Wireless connection 2.45 GHz radiolink, operates up to 10m

Battery Li-Po (Litium-polymer) 240 mAh. Active use time 30 hours, in automatic idle mode up to 20 days

USB Receiver USB 2.0 HID, includes 3.5mm stereo connector to connect either one switch directly or two switches with the included adapter.

What’s in the Box?


Quha Zono mouse

USB Receiver

Stereo button adapter for Zono

USB charging cable

Adapter to connect two switches

User manual and software download instructions

Showcase & Tutorials

Quha Zono - Wireless handsfree mouse

Product overview and features explained

Quha Zono Tutorial 01: Getting started with your Zono head mouse

This video will help you to get started with your Quha Zono head mouse.

Quha Zono Tutorial 02: Frequently asked questions

This video will help you to use your Quha Zono headmouse by answering the most frequently asked questions about Zono.

Quha Zono Tutorial 03: Using mobile devices with the Zono head mouse

Did you know you can use Android devices with the Quha Zono head mouse? Just plug in the USB receiver to the USB port and you’re all set. Quha Zono gives instant access to all applications even if you can’t use the touch screen.

Quha Zono Tutorial 04: Clicking with the Zono head mouse

If there is one question we get asked the most, it is “how do you click with Zono”. As there are many ways to accomplish this, we have made this video to show all the options available.

Getting Started with Quha Zono

Click below for more information about getting started with Quha Zono handsfree mouse.

Getting Started with Quha Zono (Android)

Getting Started with Quha Zono (Chromebook)

Getting Started with Quha Zono (iPad/iPhone)

Getting Started with Quha Zono (Linux)

Getting Started with Quha Zono (Mac Computers)

Getting Started with Quha Zono (Windows)


Below you can find user manuals, setup softwares and other downloads for your Quha Zono head mouse.

Quha Zono - User Manual (Danish)

Danish (MDR compliant)

Quha Zono - User Manual (German)

German (MDR compliant)


Quha Zono - User Manual (Finnish)

Finnish (MDR compliant)


Quha Zono - User Manual (Swedish)

Swedish (MDR compliant)


Quha Zono - User Manual (Multilingual)

English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish


Quha Zono - User Manual (English)

English (MDR compliant)


Quha Zono setup software (International)

v. 1.51

Supported Languages:
English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish


Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Quha Zono gyroscopic mouse.

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