Quha making a difference in California:

“The Zono mouse offers a one of a kind accessibility!”

California-based Communication Technology Education Center (CTEC) provides full services in the use of personalized methods and devices to increase a person’s ability to communicate. CTEC starts from where most therapeutics skills and equipment ends – and now, with the Quha Zono Gyroscopic Air Mouse, going further than ever before.

“I was first introduced with the Quha Zono mouse about four months ago by Ms. Maggie Mahoney (BSBE, ATP) from Grasp Assistive Technologies LLC. She is a true professional and a well respected partner in our field. I have to admit, I am impressed,” says Mr. Jamie Crum (MEd, ECSE), CTECs program director. And Jamie is not easily impressed, as he has over 22 years of experience removing barriers for individuals with complex communication, physical access and developmental disabilities. He has presented at international and local conferences on assistive technology, education and augmentative alternative communication systems.

“We at Grasp AT are proud to represent Quha products here in The United States. As it is our goal to provide each and every customer with access to the most advanced assistive technologies there are from around the globe, this is a perfect match”, Maggie adds.


“The Quha Zono Gyroscopic Air Mouse truly makes a difference. It offers superior accuracy, flexibility and easiness to its users. It has a light construction and since it is wireless, the users are free to wear it anyway they choose. Several of our clients were not able to use other hands free, camera based access methods such as eye tracking or optical headmouse, as they could not be positioned or stay in the direct view of the camera. Consequently, they had to use switch scanning, which is very slow and tedious. I wish I could go back to all of our clients who use switch scanning and give them a try with the Zono! We purchased one and it is now a useful tool in our evaluation kit. With the Zono, this problem is solved. You can plug it from one device to another without losing the calibration settings. This is very important, as switching equipment doesn’t require any special skills”, Jamie explains.

“The Zono has enough accuracy and smooth movement also when paired with smartphones or small tablets. With this said, I believe Quha truly changes the lives of many, as more people reach equal services and social communication platforms through independent computer access. And I am more than happy to deliver!”, Jamie smiles.

Petri Latva-Rasku
Marketing Director, Quha oy
Tel. +358 40 527 6443

Jamie Crum, MEd., ECSE
Program Director, CTEC
Tel. +1 916 921-5639

Maggie Mahoney, BSBE, ATP
Founder, Grasp Assistive Technologies
Tel. +1 323 333 3069