“3rd of April will forever be known as Doris Day”

Here is Sian’s story


Sian has been a Lightwriter SL40 user for several years. More recently her communication needs have changed. Our Product Advisor Vernon Jones went to visit her to discuss her new requirements.

3rd of April will forever be known as Doris Day (I realised that when I choose a name for my device it makes it more personal).

I had been trailing the DynaVox Compass App on my iPad mini for a few months with lots of success. In fact no problems whatsoever!!! I loved it, and call me soft but I cried when it finished. I could use WordPower which was in the trial.
My previous speech therapist was proved right though. iPad just can’t cope with AAC apps and games and other apps, e.g. how do you hold a conversation while watching a film or playing games. I didn’t realise that is why they don’t recommend an iPad for AAC.

My CP was getting worse and I now have arthritis which besides being painful, meant severe loss in pressure in my fingers, and movement in general. It was just too damn painful to use the Lightwriter anymore, which is great device.

The DynaVox T10 ticked all the boxes. It was lighter than the other devices I had tried or read about. It was easier to manage, it didn’t look like a speech aid and it is future proof.

But how would I operate it? Well that answer came in my email from Toby Churchill Ltd one morning. Something called the Quha Zono gyroscopic mouse.

On 3rd April, Vernon came to help hand over a loan device. The Speech Therapist couldn’t make it but came on the 8th of April, you see you need to be reassessed each time you need a new device or an upgrade.

It’s so easy to talk to Vernon, who is my local Toby Churchill Product Advisor since Mick retired. I don’t feel like I’m asking silly questions and he is great as he knows not to over load me with information. He sits at my level or stands in front, and when demoing a device he stays at my level so I can see. It’s not scary at all.

During the loan I had a bad time with my Arthritis, CP, Dysphonia, Dyspraxia, Dysmotility, RLS Syndrome and MD. I don’t know which one was causing the locked muscles but it was causing weakness in my hands and movement was slowly going to lock. But I carried on – it’s one thing I’ve learnt – fight it till it gets too much. As attacks go this one was a baby. It was my hands and my neck but I carried on. I wanted to carry on, I didn’t feel like stopping, it was fun.

The Dynavox T10 with or without the Zono is brill. You can use a track ball, mouse and the Zono on it. It runs on Android OS.

You have lots of choice – Master Page Set (can be young child, child, young adult, adult), Nav Bar with visual scenes (eg picture of shop with yellow box that links to a category), this had a WordPower type page and tabs as well, WordPower scan & touch 20, WordPower 46, WordPower 60 with pictures and categories, or main WordPower 100 without keyboard, WordPower 100 (no pictures), Acquired Brain Injury (text only).

It’s like someone went in my head and saw what I needed. There so much more choice.

I am and have been using since day one WordPower on the Compass App. For months I’ve been stuck on scan and touch, but Vernon helped me and I’m now on WordPower 60. I can use WordPower 100 with pictures but the buttons are too small for me.

The Zono Mouse is gyroscopic. You can use it on your wrist, glasses, head band, neck band, leg, ankle or hand.

I use it either on my glasses or my wrist or hand. It needs be tied on my hand as my grip is going. I’m quicker using the Zono Mouse then I was when I could type.

I love the DynaVox T10 and the Quha Zono, they are fantastic. It will make my life easier, Geoff my partner is blind but he is so grateful to Vernon, Ali, Amy, Helen, Deb and The Sequal Trust for my DynaVox T10 and Quha Zono.

It’s been a painful and upsetting time, but well worth the wait.
Thank you xx

Petri Latva-Rasku
Marketing Director, Quha oy
Tel. +358 40 527 6443