Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Quha Zono for ?

Quha Zono is made for everyone who cannot or does not want to use the standard computer input devices. Typically the users are people with

  • Tetraplegia
  • Dysmelia
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Cerebral palsy (CP)

Is Quha Zono a medical device?

Quha Zono and Zono 2 are Class I Medical Devices and comply with the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) 2017/745.

Is Quha Zono compatible with Apple computers?

Yes, Quha Zono is compatible with Apple computers with MacOS operating system. Quha Zono is also compatible with iPads with the iPadOS 13 operating system and iPhones with the iOS 13 or later operating system. iPads starting from iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4 can be updated to iPadOS. iPhones starting from iPhone 6S can be updated to iOS 13. For users with an older iOS device that cannot be updated to iPadOS or iOS 13, an alternative way to use the Quha Zono mouse is to use the AMAneo BTi adapter.

On a Mac computer the Quha Zono is a plug-and-play mouse device and doesn’t require any settings to be made. You plug the USB receiver into a USB port, turn on the power and it works.

If you wish you can change the mouse speed on the System preferences/Mouse. The more advanced settings are done using the Zono Setup and Zono Installation applications on a Windows computer. The settings are stored on the mouse, so these changes can be done on any Windows computer and the settings are remembered when the mouse is moved back to a Mac computer. At this point there is no native MacOS application for changing the Quha Zono settings.

What makes Quha Zono different?

Quha Zono has several advantages compared to all competitive products on the market.









How can I make a click?

There are several ways to make a click. Please consult the below table to find the most suitable option for you.

How does the double click assist work?

The double click assist helps the user to make a double click using Quha Pufo puff switch or an external switch. Normally it can be very difficult to make a double click, because Windows requires that the cursor is not moving between the clicks. The double click assist freezes the cursor after the first click for a time period that has been set up by Quha Zono setup software.

How does the auto-click work?

When Zono’s auto-click is switched on, it makes automatically a left click when the mouse cursor is still for a moment.

Auto-click (feature that performs a single left mouse button click) happens when

  • cursor movement is slower than the threshold that is set by setup software “Auto-click Sensitivity” setting and
  • the time set by “Auto-click Speed” setting is exceeded.

After the auto-click has been performed, the next auto-click doesn’t happen before the cursor movement exceeds the “Auto-click Sensitivity” setting value once. This is to prevent multiple sequential auto-clicks when the cursor is stationary.

What options there are for dwell click?

There are many possibilities:

  • Windows: There are several options, for example Quha Dwell software. You can also use Sensory Software’s Dwell Clicker 2 and Point-N-Click software made by Polital Enterprises LLC.
  • Mac:
    • macOS 10.14 Mojave or newer: Dwell selection functionality is part of the accessibility settings in System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Keyboard -> Accessibility Keyboard -> Options
    • macOS Sierra 10.12 or High Sierra 10.13: Dwell selection functionality is part of the accessibility settings and can be activated in System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Dwell Control
    • macOS Mavericks 10.9 to El Capitan 10.11: DwellClick App can be purchased in the macOS App Store
  • Chrome OS: Dwell selection can be activated in Accessibility -> Automatic clicks
  • Android: EaseMouse application can be purchased from Play Store or from Quha
  • iPad: iPadOS 13: Settings App -> Accessibility -> Touch -> AssistiveTouch > Dwell Control

How do I scroll in Android?

The easiest way to scroll a window is to use a dedicated switch such as Quha Sento or Quha Pufo+. Move the cursor to the area that you want to scroll, drag in the direction you want to scroll to and release dragging.

You can also use dedicated automatic scrolling software to scroll a window. Software can be downloaded from Google Play Store. For example the following apps can be used.

  • Automatic Scroll
  • Tap Scroll

How can I make an automatic double click?

You can do all different mouse clicks and control your computer with Quha Dwell – a complete computer access software with Instant Dwell.

For Mac OS X we recommend software called DwellClick. There is a free trial version available on their webpages.

What are the vibration attenuations 1, 2 and 3?

The vibration attenuation filters are all based on different mathematical algorithms.

Algorithm 1 removes continuous vibration by slowing down the changes of the mouse speed. It makes the movements smoother, though also less accurate.

Algorithm 2 is a generic filter, which removes both vibration and rapid movements.

Algorithm 3 removes sudden fast movements.

Please feel free to explore all vibration attenuation options to find the most suitable option for you.

How can I be sure that the settings are stored in Quha Zono, because there is no OK or Apply button?

The OK and Apply buttons are purposely left out. The settings are stored in Quha Zono mouse right after they are made on the Quha Zono setup software. This way it is easy to see the effect of the setting immediately making it easier to find the correct settings for the user.

Why does it take a while until the mouse cursor starts to move when Quha Zono is moved?

Quha Zono has a built in energy saving feature. Normally Quha Zono responds immediately to any movement by the user. When the mouse has been stationary for about 10 seconds, it automatically starts saving energy to maintain maximum usage time. When the user moves the mouse again, the mouse automatically resumes standard operation. There may be a small delay in the cursor movement when this happens.

Why is my mouse not charging when it is connected to USB charging cable?

Quha Zono shows a blinking green light on the power button when charging is ongoing. If the light is not blinking, it means that the mouse is not charging. There can be multiple reasons for this.

  1. The battery is already full.
  2. The USB charging cable doesn’t provide charging current. The most common reason for this is the USB charging cable being connected to a USB port without power. Most modern computers have power saving features that turn off power on the USB ports when the computer is sleeping. Please connect the charging cable to a USB port that is always on. Recharging the Quha Zono battery from empty to full takes about 4 hours. Common USB chargers can also be used to charge Quha Zono.

Can I use two USB receivers with one Quha Zono mouse?

Yes. You can order a Quha Zono with two USB receivers to be used with two different computers. For example, if you use a computer in the living room and a tablet in the bedroom, you can connect the USB receivers in both devices and use them with one Quha Zono mouse. However, you should turn off the device that you are not using if it is within the usage range, because otherwise the mouse movements and button clicks are received by both devices.

Why is the cursor moving when I am not moving the mouse?

The Quha Zono mouse has a motion sensor that detects the mouse movements and transforms these movements into cursor motion. The motion sensor is a highly accurate electric component and is affected by ambient temperature among other things. On those very rare occasions when the cursor starts to “drift”, the device can be calibrated by holding the mouse stationary for a few seconds. The easiest way to do this is to place the mouse on a table while it is on. The drifting is then automatically removed in a few seconds.

How do I center the cursor onscreen?

Readjusting the mouse by pushing the mouse cursor off screen is the standard way of repositioning the mouse cursor. If you notice your head is not in a comfortable position when the cursor is in the middle of the screen, turn your head so that the cursor moves to the edge of the screen and beyond. The amount of head movement needed depends on the mouse speed settings and you’ll quickly learn to reposition the cursor by experimenting. The repositioning movement corresponds to lifting and moving a table mouse when it is near a table edge. As the Quha Zono doesn’t use a fixed reference point or position to operate, sometimes it is necessary to make the repositioning movement.

Why does Zono turn itself off before 30 hours have passed? The battery has been charged before usage.

Quha Zono has a rechargeable battery that provides approximately 30 hours of active usage time. The most common reason for Zono turning itself off before 30 hours have passed is partially charged battery. Please check that the Zono battery is charged using a USB port that is powered when the computer is on standby / powered off. Powered USB ports are usually marked with discernible colours or other markings.

My USB receiver is connected to the computer, but I can’t see the cursor on screen.

There are several possible causes for this.

  1. Is the Quha Zono mouse turned on? The cursor is visible only when the mouse is turned on. The Quha Zono power button has a light indicator that blinks every few seconds when the device is on.
  2. Do the Quha Zono mouse and the USB receiver have the same serial number on them? The mouse and the USB receiver are paired based on their serial number. Only devices with identical serial numbers communicate with each other.
  3. Is the USB receiver connected to the computer and is the computer’s USB port working? If another USB device works on the USB port, it is likely that the USB port is ok.
  4. USB receiver may be broken. For example, the USB connector may have gotten detached from the circuit board. In this case, the USB receiver needs to be repaired.
  5. Quha Zono may be broken. In this case, it needs to be repaired.

Can I use Quha Zono Setup software with my Windows XP?

Yes, it works on Windows XP SP3 with .NET framework 3.5.

Quha Zono setup software requires Microsoft .NET framework to work. The latest .NET frameworks are not supporting Windows XP anymore, hence you need to download an older version, e.g. .NET 3.5 at However, please note that Windows XP is not anymore supported by Microsoft, and therefore we are not able to provide the official support for it on Quha Zono setup software.