Getting Started with Quha Zono (Linux)

The Quha Zono handsfree head mouse is fully compatible with Linux computers. Linux is a widely used platform for computers and offers a wide software selection and compatibility. All Quha Zono accessories are working on Linux computers.

Connecting Zono

A Linux computer is almost always equipped with one or more USB Type-A ports. Quha Zono is connected directly to the computer’s USB port. If the computer only has USB-C ports an adapter is available to connect Quha Zono to the computer. In both cases Quha Zono is a plug-and-play device and works without drivers or additional software.

USB Type A Port
USB Type C Adapter
USB Type C Port


The default mouse settings are suitable for many users. If changes to them are required, the settings are done using the Zono Setup and Zono Installation applications on a Windows computer. All settings are stored in the mouse’s memory and therefore follow the user when the mouse is moved between computers. The settings stored in the mouse’s memory are usable on Linux computers.

Clicking and using keyboard

Quha Zono can be used with the Linux computer onscreen keyboard, dwell control software and communication software.

Clicking in Linux is possible in several ways: Physical switches and dwell control software can be used.

Physical switches are the quickest and the most reliable way to make clicks for many users.

When a physical switch is not an option, dwell control software (e.g. MouseTweaks) can be used to perform clicks and many other operations such as dragging, double clicking and scrolling.


Quha Zono is compatible with Linux computers.