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An Open Letter From a Satisfied Quha Zono User

“I would definitely recommend this device to others”


 My name is Katherine Quinn. I am 18 years old and I have cerebral palsy. My muscles don’t work right, but my brain works just fine. I live in Carmichael, California. My interests are scrapbooking, horseback riding and watching videos. I’m going to be a senior at Rio Americano High school, where my favorite class is music. One day I would like to be Judge Katherine Quinn.

I have previously tried a headmouse, but it was difficult to use. I also tried the Eye Max, but it was too hard to set up every time I changed classes. Then I heard about the Quha products from Maggie Mahoney at Quha USA. 

I first tried the Quha mouse on the computer. With the Quha mouse I can easily upload a video on YouTube and read ebooks all by myself. Another great thing about the Quha mouse is that you can move around with it – this is very important for me as sometimes my body moves by itself and I can’t control it. These are the reasons why Quha is so great. I would definitely recommend this device to others.

I would also like to thank Maggie for helping my mom to get the funding. Thanks for reading,

Katherine Quinn

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An Open Letter From a Satisfied Quha Zono User

An open letter from a satisfied Quha Zono user, 18-year old Katherine Quinn from Carmichael, California. After trying out different computer access devices she finally found a working one!


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